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Meet Our Team

Rena Gilliam

Agency Owner

I started in the insurance industry at age 19 and finally decided to open my own agency in 2012. I have enjoyed working with families for 18 years to protect what matters most to them!
I grew up in Omaha, Nebraska and received my business degree from Bellevue University. I love helping provide families with the overwhelming feeling of security after we manage all of their risks.

I love my family, and dogs. I have two great kids that are ages 11 and 8. We also are HUGE Cubs fans! My family and I love to go swimming and golfing.

Susan Hale

Licensed Sales Producer

I worked with insurance companies as a realtor in our community. Recently, I decided that this profession would be a great option for me. I am new but passionate about helping families! I grew up in Northwest Arkansas but got to Saline County as quick as I could! I was fortunate to be able to raise my son here.

It excites me to be in a position to help others uncover their risks. It means a lot to me to know at the end of the day that if something happened to a family I helped, they would get through it. I really have a passion for design and organization. My favorite thing to do on the weekend is to spend it with friends and family at the lake! We spend as much time as we can at Ouachita.
I love to read and love my church! I am passionate about the foster care system.

Schantz Ross

Licensed Sales Producer

I worked as an adjuster and licensed contractor for over 20 years before starting with Rena’s office a couple years ago. I very much enjoy helping people before disaster strikes. I grew up right here in Saline County with my family. I was fortunate to be able to raise my daughter here. I enjoy my job more every day. I have had many customers whose policies I had written for them, protect them when it mattered. That is very fulfilling for me. I really enjoy traveling with my family. We have been able to travel all over the country the past couple of years.

I enjoy my ATV’s, spending time with close friends, and working around my home. I play the guitar, keyboards, bass guitar, and some other instruments. I used to play in a band and sing at weddings. I love to volunteer at my church.

Lori Ross

Office Manager

I have worked in the insurance industry for 15 years as an adjustor and agent. I have working for Rena’s office since 2013.I grew up right here in Saline County. I also had the privilege of raising my daughter here as well. I love to help people protect their assets. They work so hard and it is a privilege to be able to help them protect what matters most to them.

I really love to be with family and friends. I also love to travel. I enjoy working around my home and sharing meals with people that I am close to. I love to take pictures and to organize them.  I love to volunteer with my ministry. It is the basis of who my family is. Everything in my life is stemmed from my church.

Rebekah Ross

Customer Service Specialist

I was born and raised in Benton and have background in computers and technology. I began my career in the insurance industry with Rena Gilliam’s agency and have been working here since 2013. I love working in the office because I feel like I can really make an impact in our customers’ insurance experience. I am very active and passionate about my ministry and photography; my favorite subjects are nature and families. I am passionate about volunteering with my church.

Lee Nichols

Customer Service Specialist

I was born in Missouri but my family moved to Arkansas when I was 9 months of age. I have a background in Banking, Computers and Technology and I am an Licensed Certified Nursing Assistant. I was a banker for 17 years at the largest locally owned bank in Arkansas at that time.  I now am so excited about my career in the insurance industry with Rena Gilliam’s agency. I am working with an amazing team that I know are in touch with customers’ needs and have their best interest at heart. Art, music and motorcycles are my hobbies and I am passionate about volunteering with my church.